Hey, I'm Matt.

I am a Toronto based photographer who loves to photograph people, places, and things. I have always been fascinated by the process of shaping and capturing light, transforming a fleeting moment into an eternal artefact. This is my online portfolio, please take a look around.

I'm currently doing full time work as Associate Photographer for Harry Rosen Inc within the marketing department. We produce product imagery for our online store as well as creative imagery for advertising campaigns for online, socials, and print. I'm available for freelance photography work. I also have a great passion for landscape and travel photography.

As far back as I can remember - to my early childhood years - I have had a passion for capturing visual imagery. I've always had a camera of some kind close at hand. I learned to see life through the perspective of a camera's viewfinder.

With many years of experience with photography in both studio based settings and on location using a variety of lighting methods, I can help you meet your photographic needs.